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PSK31 is a form of modulation (or "mode") that offers a new and higher level of performance in conversational communications (keyboard-to-keyboard) that "hams" (amateur radio operators) can enjoy.  And it's been made instantly usable by all of us, due in part to the proliferation of the personal computer, and in part to the superb and generous efforts of some very talented ham/programmers.

PSK31 is a new digital mode. It was designed by Peter G3PLX, that betters SLOWBPSK, an idea and implementation of Pawel SP9VRC amd is based on the RTTY mode of operation. It is useful for live keyboard to keyboard QSO that works at 31.25 bauds, that uses varicode caracter coding what gives 50wpm. It is easy to use and monitor, which gives very good copy under low Eb/No numbers and is thus suitable for QRP. Instead of using FSK or on/off keying it uses BPSK or QPSK with a Viterbi decoder, that is available for free for many platforms, including Windows (c) with SoundBlaster type Soundcard, and uses advanced DSP and narrow band (31 Hz!!) techniques.

I have been bit by this mode. I purchased and built the PSK-80 Warbler and next want to get the PSK-20 and PSK-40 Kits to build and use.

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PSK stations can be found on the following bands and frequencies:
 Band  Frequency
 160 Meters  1838 KHz
 80 Meters  3.580 MHz
 40 Meters  7.035 MHz
 30 Meters  10.140 MHz
 20 Meters  14.070 MHz
 17 Meters  18.100 MHz
 15 Meters  21.080 MHz
 12 Meters  24.920 MHz
 10 Meters  28.120 MHz
 6 Meters  50.290 MHz
 2 Meters  144.144 MHz
 1.25 Meters  222.07 MHz
 70 Centimeters  432.2 MHz
 33 Centimeters  909 MHz

Click here for the sound of PSK31

PSK31 Kits

Warbler-80 Kit
PSK31 Warbler-80 Kit

PSK-20/40 Kit
PSK31 PSK-20 Kit

PSK-20/40 Kit Enclosure
PSK31 PSK-20/40 Kit Enclosure

PSK31 Interfaces

BUX CommCo HF Interface for PSK31
BUX CommCo HF Interface for PSK31

RIGblaster HF Interface for PSK31
RIGblaster HF Interface for PSK31

Tigertronics SignaLink for PSK31
Tigertronics SignaLink for PSK31

The DigiPan Isolating Interface
The DigiPan Isolating Interface

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